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About Betty Turner

Betty Turner has been creating and painting for as long as she can remember.

About 25 years ago, Ms. Turner turned her love for art into a successful picture framing business that she owned and operated until her retirement in 2010.

Since her retirement, she has returned to her first love of painting.  Ms. Turner is an artist with an eclectic style who loves to experiment and explore different mediums.  She most commonly creates mixed media art and also enjoys watercolor, collage, zentangle, and color pencil.  

Her love for God’s creation is reflected in her fanciful, sometimes whimsical, paintings.  Sunlit garden pathways, memories of early morning walks, and the faces of those she loves are all a part of Ms. Turner’s work.

Ms. Turner often integrates special handwritten verses, pages from old hymnals, a favorite recipe, or other personal reflections as a way to connect the hand to the heart.

The goal of Ms. Turner’s art is to draw the viewer into a quiet, peaceful world that is filled with kindness and gentle humor.

Ms. Turner and her husband Jack Loeb maintain a studio at their home in Smithville, TN.  When not busy painting, they enjoy traveling, dancing, gardening, and spending time with family.

Orange Crush

The Way Home

Spring Floral

Happy Gardener


Cat Scan


Looking Back

The Monarch’s Dance

Love Letters


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